How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Transport

By HOPP Team

A glass or two of Buck’s Fizz, an hour in the makeup artist’s chair, a few tears, and a pep talk from your maid-of-honour later, you are ready to leave the chaos behind and make your grand entrance in front of a roomful of family, friends, and — most importantly — your betrothed.

Whether you need to make a brief, five minute skip across the village, or an hour’s drive to your wedding venue, hiring a wedding car will give you the time and space to clear your head, indulge in a little luxury, and arrive calm and ready to make your vows.

Like many other aspects of planning your big day, finding your wedding transport can be a little overwhelming; entrusting your journey to someone else is not always easy, but the right person will be able to start you on your journey to marital bliss without a care in the world. 

Read our guide to finding — and securing — the perfect wedding cars for your day: on time, within your budget, and on theme. 

Budget First

Wedding car hire prices vary depending on the car itself, the length of the journey, and, of course, how many vehicles you require for your party. As with any element of planning a wedding, begin your search with a clear figure in your head, and work around it — not against it.

If you are hoping to save on your wedding transport, you might consider hiring a car only for yourself and the father-of-the-bride, who traditionally share the journey to the ceremony. If you live only a few miles from the venue, your wedding car hire company may agree to make two trips — first with the bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride, and then a second trip for the bride.

Typically, you will be required to put down a deposit before the day itself, so make sure you have the funds ready, or you may miss out on your dream vehicle.

Book Well in Advance

Most couples tend to secure their wedding car hire well before the big day, and whether you are marrying in the depths of winter, or in the middle of wedding season, it is highly recommended that you make arrangements for your wedding cars at least a few months ahead of time. If not, you could end up disappointed, and struggling to find suitable transport up until the last minute.

Think Carefully About Your Wedding Cars

A luxury Rolls Royce wedding car, colourful VW Campervan, a horse drawn Cinderella carriage or a wedding limo worthy of a red carpet event — whatever your tastes, interests, and theme, you will be able to track down the perfect transport for your day. It needn’t be particularly luxurious to make a statement; there are plenty of unique wedding transport options for less traditional affairs, from helicopters to gondolas...although you will need to bring your own lagoon...

Of course, there are a few practicalities to consider. If you are staying more than a few miles from your venue, a horse drawn carriage may not be the best choice. You may be able to liaise with the company, and arrange to have a member of the bridal party drive you most of the way before stepping into the carriage around the corner from the ceremony. 

Similarly, you should think carefully about the size of your wedding dress; a luxury sports car, for instance, will be tight on space. However gorgeous the car, arriving at your venue with a creased or misshapen gown will add unnecessary stress and disappointment to your morning.

If you are hosting a summer wedding, an open top car will allow you to catch a gentle glow before the wedding, but your hair and makeup may suffer in the breeze. If you have your heart set on a convertible, bring a silk scarf for your updo, and make sure one of your bridesmaids is poised at the gates, ready with a few extra pins and another swipe of mascara. 

Make Sure Your Wedding Car Hire Company Knows the Plan

Wedding car hire takes a great deal of stress out of your morning; once they know the route, a trustworthy driver will work out a schedule for you and ensure that you are not made late to the party — last-minute panics over your hair notwithstanding.

If you are driving to a separate venue for the reception, make sure they are aware, or they may book another event for later that same day. 

If you are travelling to a different location for the reception then, following the ceremony, the bride and groom will traditionally leave together in the wedding car. Collaborate on choosing the right make and model, and make sure you have transportation sorted for the members of the wedding party that rode with you on the way to the ceremony!

If not, the wedding driver can wait outside the ceremony to allow for more photographs to be taken with you and your guests. You may also wish to be taken on a twenty-minute drive around the area together, which will allow you to share a quiet moment together before the reception. 

Wedding Transport for Your Guests

If the wedding reception venue is a fair distance from the ceremony, or you think your guests might struggle to find parking, you may find it necessary to arrange for transport to ferry them to the party. This is a lovely way for guests to keep their spirits high during a long journey, and to ensure that they all arrive at the venue before your grand entrance as newlyweds.

Vintage routemasters are an excellent option for anyone hoping to relocate their guests halfway through the day. Book your guest’s transport at the same time that you secure your wedding car hire, and make them aware of your plans in your wedding invitations — some guests, particularly those with young children, may still prefer to drive themselves so that they do not have to leave too late in the evening. 

Arrive and depart in style on your special day by choosing the perfect wedding transport.

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Written by our Team of HOPP Experts.