How to Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

By HOPP Team

Your wedding jewellery tells its own story; along with your photographs, it will be one of the longest lasting mementos from your wedding day — oh, and your new spouse, of course.

It may be as simple as finding a pair of diamond earrings, or you may use your bridal jewellery to breathe new life into an elegant, minimalist wedding dress; whether you are borrowing a family heirloom, or purchasing something brand new to hold onto forever, completing your look with a few, special items will mark your final transformation into a bride.

Remember that the accessories you choose — from your shoes to your veil — will be determined based on the dress you are wearing. Even if you have a clear idea in mind for the style of dress you wish to buy, wait until after you have purchased it before you choose your bridal jewellery — you never know how your tastes might change when you try gowns on. 

And don’t forget about the rings, either. Your wedding bands are, of course, the most important item of wedding jewellery, and choosing them will be a beautiful, intimate moment between you and your fiance to compare tastes, look ahead to all that the day has in store for you.

Follow our guide to choosing the perfect wedding jewellery, and finding the ultimate finishing touch to your wedding ensemble.

Your Wedding Bands

Your wedding bands are a symbol of your unity and, along with the photographs, will be the longest lasting memento from your big day. Finding the wedding bands is a wonderful pre-wedding task to share, and symbolises the beginning of a new stage in your lives together. 

Take your time over the decision, try on different styles together, and make sure you get your fingers sized prior to the wedding day; if not, you may have to part with it for several weeks while it gets resized. 

It is traditional for a couple to choose matching wedding ring sets, but it is not a requirement of a strong and lasting marriage; choosing a style that is comfortable and wearable is far more important. After all, it is going to remain on your finger for the rest of your lives.

For the bride, think about coordinating your engagement and wedding rings; you might choose a matching pair, or simply use the same metal in each band.

Any jeweller will be able to measure your finger for you. Once you know the size, you will be able to place an order for the wedding bands of your choice; it may be a few weeks before your rings are ready for collection, so be sure to purchase them in plenty of time.

Oh, and on the morning of your wedding, remember to slide your engagement ring onto your opposite hand; after the ceremony, you will be able to move it back to sit just above your wedding band. 

Your Bridal Jewellery

On the morning of the wedding, adding those final, finishing touches is a special moment for any bride. Although the dress is, inarguably, the star of the show, your bridal jewellery will hold a special significance for you long after you have made your vows, and may be passed down to future brides in the years to come. 

It can be difficult to imagine your hair, makeup, veil, gown and jewellery all at once, and finding jewellery that compliments your dress — without competing with it — is more difficult than you might imagine. A white dress will be transformed by silver, while warmer tones of ivory champagne will be flattered more by gold. 

A Bridal Necklace

Consider the neckline on your dress. If it runs straight across your décolletage, aim to keep the chain short; a plunging neckline will suit something longer. It may be that your dress features some intricate embroidery or lace, a necklace may detract from the design; remember that less is more, and your dress is the star of the show. 

Bridal Earrings

In the same way, you should aim for your bridal earrings to compliment your dress, rather than adding to it. If you are wearing a veil, a large, statement pair of earrings could make you look a little topheavy; look at styles such as pearl drop earrings and studs, and find a precious stone that compliments your skin, and the fabric of your gown. 

A Bridal Bracelet

In the past, brides were expected to wear gloves as a sign of elegance and grace. While this would make for the finishing touch to a vintage-inspired dress, many brides now choose to keep their arms au naturel. A bracelet will add a small sparkle — or your Something Blue — to your wrist.

Bridesmaid Jewellery

If you can’t say it with words, say it with jewellery. 

They are your crisis counsellors, emergency seamstresses, decorators, party planners, and negotiators — it’s no wonder, then, that tradition dictates the bride should bestow her bridesmaids with a gift for their troubles.

Bridesmaid jewellery makes for a special memento from the day; a necklace that compliments the cut of their dress, a pair of earrings they can treasure for a lifetime, or a bracelet engraved with the date of your nuptials will commemorate your bond, and forever remind them of how much they mean to you.

As with your bridal jewellery, consider the bridesmaids’ dresses and think about how their jewellery will compliment the fit, and neckline. Remember that less is more, and that a large, statement piece could end up clashing with the gown.

There is no requirement for you to choose matching bridesmaid jewellery sets, either; take some time to think about their personal style or, if you want to find something they will really love, consider taking them shopping with you. Take an afternoon off from constant table planning and risk assessment, and find a piece that they will be able to wear and treasure for years to come

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