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Ananya, established in 2006, is an award-winning wedding and event stationery specialist renowned for blending elements of diverse cultures to create opulent and contemporary stationery.

Working closely with our clients, we deliver high quality, bespoke and authentic designs that reflect their heritage, style and personality. We provide a first class, supportive service from the first save the date to the final thank you card.

Our multilingual staff, based in the UK, Jersey and India, designs distinctive and individual stationery designs that have adorned everything from weddings, dinner parties, summer soirées, milestone birthdays, corporate events, baby showers to personal and social stationery. Our weddings and events have covered the globe, from London to Tokyo, New York to Nairobi.

Ananya is proud to be Stationery Partner for Historic Royal Palaces and preferred supplier for other prestigious venues.

For every stationery order we receive, we plant trees as a way of giving back.

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Here at Ananya, the sustainability and ecological impact of our work is very important to us - and as a business revolving around paper, we do take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. We have always directed a part of our profits towards donating to charity and printing on card from sustainably managed forests.

We also partner with SankalpTaru (meaning ‘pledge tree’) - the first technology enabled non-profit organisation that plants trees in India, while also supporting rural livelihood, empowering women, promoting bio-diversity and making schools cleaner and greener.

For every stationery order placed, we will plant trees on your behalf with 'Project Protect Himalayas' to help build a self-sustainable eco-system. Nature has blessed the Himalayas, considered sacred in many religions, with heavenly beauty. However, the Himalayan region has been greatly affected by landslides and floods, leaving nothing but destruction and devastation in their wake. The SankalpTaru Foundation initiated Project Protect Himalayas to rehabilitate the flora and fauna of Himalayan villages by motivating communities and students to plant trees such as Indian gooseberry, peach, plum, walnut and bayberry and generate a self-sustainable eco-system.

Together we: Plant Grow Sustain


A follower of design and style, an unashamed love of luxury and all things sparkly, a fondness for travel to exotic locales and cultures, I am passionate about creating stationery that truly reflects the unique heritage, style and personality of my clients.

I was looking for beautiful stationery but could not find anything that I liked which had a contemporary nod to my culture and reflected my appreciation of art and different lifestyles. I am passionate about creating stylish stationery. The reason I called the business Ananya is that it means 'without equal' in the ancient language of Sanskrit and this is what drives me and the create something distinctive and unique. I am passionate about working with my clients and getting to know them. I love being part of their special celebration, and help bring their vision to reality. I want all my clients to look at their stationery in 10 years to come and for it to bring a smile to their faces. I am so grateful and proud to be celebrating my 14th year in an industry so filled with talent, emotion, and collaboration. Behind every company, there is the hard, dedicated work of someone making their dream come true, and the team of people making the magic happen around them: Ananya is my labour of love.

I love sparkles! Whether it's my sparkly Converses or my jewellery or my nails. That's also probably why I enjoy my work so much - as there is always gold foil, jewel embellishments, metallic calligraphy inks and more in the studio. Leave a little sparkle wherever you go... ⁣

Between us, we speak 9 languages, with a sprinkling of other languages thrown in! Speaking a language is much more than knowing the words – it gives us an understanding of the culture and its mindset as well. It's very helpful for when we work with international clients. I speak 3 languages. English, of course, and having lived and studied in France for 6 years, I speak French, as well as my mother tongue Gujarati. I also studied German for my International Baccalaureate, which I still remember.

Elephants! That is probably why I have created so many elephant inspired designs...

Ananya is the cultural wedding and event stationery specialist. We are experts in fusing cultures, as much or as little is necessary. We take the time to understand the cultural heritage and stationery desires of our clients in order to deliver quality, bespoke designs. I love how each culture has its own symbols and motifs. I research the different traditions, feel inspired by them and find creative ways to bring them to life through the stationery. I have spent time innovating, researching authentic techniques and representing diverse cultures in a way that is distinctive, genuine and relevant in today’s world. With a love of style and culture, I travel the globe each year to find inspiration and ideas for new designs.

Wedding planning may be the time of your life most dense in decisions - it's no surprise us wedding and event professionals caution our couples against "decision fatigue"! There will be lots of variables to weigh up, lots of needs to balance, and lots of preferences to take into account - so our one tip would be to make sure you are designing the wedding YOU want. Try to avoid asking for too many opinions from friends and family, or letting yourself be affected by what you think your guests' expectations are. Keep it real and simple by reminding yourselves of the things that truly matter to you, and choose accordingly. When it comes to stationery, we always tell our couples that the sky is the limit - and there are no rules!

I had the privilege and pleasure of creating all the stationery for the exclusive, invite-only Historic Royal Palaces Wedding Showcase at Kensington Palace. From the event logo (lit up across the Palace) and digital save the dates to the brightly coloured screen printed invitations and the mounted Palace boards representing each Palace, to the live calligraphy on the evening, I loved it all. I am proud to be Stationery Partner for the Historic Royal Palaces.


"‘We were delighted with our bespoke invitations for the Historic Royal Palaces wedding showcase. Vaishali took much care and attention in designing a set of invitations that represented high end luxury with a royal twist! The invitations were a talking point and set the tone of our event. I would highly recommend working with Vaishali and the Ananya team who create truly creative and thought out stationery for every event.’"

Historic Royal Palaces

"‘We absolutely adore featuring Ananya on 5 Star Wedding Directory. Vaishali is a pleasure to work with and her creativity and passion is sublime. We look forward to many more collaborations in the future.’"

5 Star Wedding Directory

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