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Exclusive small batch, gourmet cake slices posted through your letterbox. Usually monthly, but also available as Cake for a Crowd!

Order for a group delivery on your chosen date. A group of 10 to 1000+ can enjoy your celebration at a distance with slices of the same cake! You can customise your black box with your own message tucked inside. (BLACK BOX CAKE is run by Peboryon.)

The Story:

Before we launched Black Box Cake, we’d already clocked up more than 15,000 hrs of cake-craft through Peboryon, our custom-cake business. As a result of that investment, we’re quietly confident you’ll like what you find in your black box.

Our story begins as people who like good food and love to celebrate people. Simple as that. Humans are kind of remarkable. We don’t appreciate ourselves or each other enough. What we do with an oven and some scales enables us to shift the dial a notch or two when it comes to pleasure, joy and connection.

Who wouldn’t want a slice of that?


Victoria Sponge with vanilla bean buttercream and strawberry jam. Chocolate Fudge Cake (V) with chocolate ganache with a raspberry compote. Orange Valencia (Ultra low gluten) with orange zest buttercream. Sticky Toffee Cake with salted caramel buttercream and toffe sauce. Red Velvet with vanilla bean buttercream. Mocha Cake with smooth coffee buttercream. Lemon & Elderflower Cake with foraged elderflower buttercream and curd. Passion Fruit & White Chocolate with white chocolate buttercream and passion fruit curd CUSTOM BAKES are also possible for orders of more than 20 boxes. SPECIALITY TREATS are available too. Ask for more details about our BLACK BOX BAKES.

Seriously good cake starts with seriously good ingredients. We’re blessed in Cornwall with some of the UK’s best farms and dairies around. Our gourmet cake is made with the best of Cornish produce. EGGS | Our free range eggs are collected from the happy hens of St Ewe Farm. The family are just the tiniest bit obsessed with their flocks. They’ve developed uniquely nutritious feeds solely for their girls. FLOUR | We exclusively use a fine organic cake flour carefully milled from English wheat grown in maritime climates. This sumptuously soft speciality flour is crafted by the millers of Shipton Mill. DAIRY | Rich Cornish cream and milk are collected (as they have been for 120 years) from hand picked herds in West Cornwall, all within a 30 mile radius of Roddas Creamery. It’s a level of care we trust. FORAGING | Nature is generous. In season, we venture out at dawn for the early summer harvesting of wild elderflowers. We’ll also pray for sun-dappled afternoons to collect buckets of hedgerow berries. Occasional trips to ancient orchards can result in trugs of rich dark plums and heritage apples. It’s all good. Those are the beginnings of each and every Black Box Cake story.

If you have an allergy you need to know our kitchens handle wheat flour, soya products, eggs, dairy, both ground & tree nuts, and sesame products. For any further questions or clarifications, please email dietary@blackboxcake.com. We do bake ultra low gluten recipes, but we use the same oven and the same tins to bake those cakes in. If your sensitivity to these ingredients is high, please don’t order our cakes or bakes. We currently (May 2020) have one VEGAN option, and one ULTRA LOW GLUTEN option. The low gluten option is baked without any gluten containing ingredient. This may therefore be suitable with those who are gluten intolerant. You should use the information above to make your decision based on your own health. If you’ve got any further questions, please get in touch.

Q: Do you deliver beyond the United Kingdom? A: Sadly no. We are committed to not artificially prolonging the shelf life of our fresh cakes and bakes with any unnatural additives. Due to delivery times, this means we restrict our deliveries to within the UK. Q: Do you deliver to The Channel Islands, Eire, Shetland & Orkney? A: At this time our courier guarantees delivery to mainland UK and Northern Ireland. However, should you wish to post to these places, please contact us at support@blackboxcake.com and we can provide a custom postage quote for your chosen product.

Q: How will I know when to expect the delivery of my cake? A: We will agree a shipping date with you. Our courier guarantees next day delivery, and has a 98% success rate. Q: Does someone need to be available to sign for, or receive the delivery? A: Our individual boxes are designed to fit through a standard British letterbox, so there’s no need to even answer the door. Our cake boxes are not signed-for items. Q: What if I’ve ordered more than one box per delivery address? A: Should you order more than one box to an address, they'll be bagged together. Dependent on the size and combination of the boxes, your order they may not fit through your letterbox. We'll arrange for you to have a text from the courier to give a 1 hour window so you know exactly when to expect delivery. Box sizes are detailed on our website in the FAQs.

Q: How long will my cake keep once it arrives? A: Our cake is best enjoyed the day they are delivered. They are safe to be kept at ambient temperatures for up to 2 days from posting. If you'd like to keep them longer, refrigerate them on arrival in their box and packaging, and consume within 4 days. There will be instructions inside each box regarding its contents. Q: Can I freeze my cake after it arrives? A: If your cake survives long enough, you could freeze it and eat it within 2 months, but we advise it’s best enjoyed fresh as flavours can change as a result of freezing. See our answer above about our cakes Best Before details.


"Absolutely gorgeous cake and such a brilliant idea too. Moist and fudgy (vegan) Chocolate cake, spiced and fruity Carrot cake, an out-of-this-world PinaColada cake, and one of the best Victoria Sponge cakes I’ve tasted in a long time with a sublime strawberry and vanilla jam..I mean it! Seriously, truly GREAT CAKE.”

Chef Will Torrent, Multi Award-Winning Pastry Chef, Consultant Pastry Chef for Waitrose

"The Vegan Chocolate cake is so squishy and chocolatey. "

Cassie Best, Senior Food Editor BBC Good Food

"BIG flavours. BEAUTIFUL sponge. Now that’s what you call CAKE JOY!"

Esther, Edinburgh

"Absolutely outstanding Victoria Sponge cake!"

Karen Burns-Booth, Food Writer & author of Lavender & Lovage

"The cakes are so delicious. AMAZING. Just wow!"

Chef Harry, Manchester

"Holy moly that pina colada cake is AMAZING!! We hit the buttercream and the pineapple and it was like game over …flavour explosion. SO happy right now!! "

Veronica, London

"That’s the best tiffin I’ve ever tasted (I’ve tasted a lot!) "

Matt Inwood, Food Photographer & Book Designer

"We loved them all - such a lovely end of deadline treat! "

WED magazine team

"Our daughter said, 'Mummy, you didn’t make this did you. It’s the best cake ever!' "

Joni (7), Newcastle upon Tyne

"The most fabulous box of beautifully created cake! "

Natalie, Falmouth

"Perfect coffee accompaniment."

Charlotte, Kent

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