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"The ultimate show everyone is talking about" goes virtual!

CHROMATIC are seriously stylish party starters, setting dancefloors alight all over the UK and internationally.

We mind-blowingly bridge the gap between a live band and DJ set performing a high octane show of mashups/medleys weaving through over 80 top chart and classic floor fillers

Whilst truly live music can never be replaced we've looked to capture that intangible buzz in the virtual world!

Available as a live stream or pre-recorded content, we can provide:

  • Up to 90 minute show of top chart and classic floor fillers
  • 30 minutes interactive music quiz
  • Bespoke personal messages / announcements
  • Bespoke branding visual segments
  • Pre-arranged selected song requests
  • Virtual Poll for selected set list options

We can also provide as a fully self-contained service:

  • Venue, staging and lighting to host our live performance from
  • AV production team to produce all video and audio live stream


* Live Streaming * DJ Sets * Award Shows * Fashion Shows * Festival * Band Performances * Video Shoots

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