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El Rayo was created in Peckham by old friends Tom & Jack, who after becoming intoxicated by the taste of amazing Tequila quit their jobs and headed to Guadalajara. Here they were introduced to the incredible vibrancy and culture of modern Mexico which embodies El Rayo. Working with a local Mexican artist, and one of the few Maestro Tequileros in the world, a modern Tequila brand for modern drinkers was born.

Designed to pair perfectly with tonic, the blend developed uses a meticulous process which creates a clean, vibrant, herbal spirit using 100% blue agave, grown over eight years in the highlands of Jalisco. The flavours of agave pair perfectly with the bittersweet taste of tonic to create a refreshing highball drink perfect for any event.

The Plata comes straight from the stills and is crisp and fresh. The Reposado, aged for seven months in oak whisky barrels is sweet and fragrant.




At El Rayo we are constantly thinking about ways we can look after our planet and become more sustainable at each stage of our process, from the production of the Tequila itself in Mexico to the running of the business in London.

In Jalisco, it only rains 38 inches a year, so we harvest that rainwater and use it in the irrigation systems. We also use all the leftover shredded agave hearts as compost for the next generation of blue agaves, avoiding as much wastage as possible whilst recycling what we can. We are also working with the TIP to support bat friendly farms and preserve traditional practices in Tequila production.

We use biodegradable cups at all of our samplings, and print all our limited edition artwork on sustainable agave paper made from agave waste. We also aim to use minimal plastic in our deliveries.


Nailing the perfect serve is easy. Simply fill a highball glass with lots of ice, add 40 ml El Rayo Plata or Reposado, top with premium Indian tonic and garnish with a healthy wedge of grapefruit.

We worked closely with one of the very few Maestro Tequileros in the world to create the perfect blend for a truly modern Tequila. To taste amazing with tonic, the spirit must also taste delicious neat, which El Rayo does. El Rayo contains no added sugars or chemicals, just 100% blue agave. Our blue agaves are given a whole 8 years to grow and collect all those incredible flavours from the rich soil and sunshine.

El Rayo is perfect for a range of events. We've featured at art gallery exhibitions, private VIP parties, festivals, supper clubs, design shows, film screenings and many more!

Yes! As it is such a delicious and high quality spirit, El Rayo tastes amazing in a range of cocktails, mixers and neat too. We designed it to pair with tonic as tonic both champions and brings out the incredible flavours of the agave plant, but feel free to have fun with it.


"Yes, you read that right. Tequila and tonic: t's delicious and you should try it."


"This peppy new London spirit is breaking the rules - it's tequila as tequila's meant to be"

Gentleman's Journal

"Move over gin, our new favourite highball is the Tequila and Tonic"

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