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2 courses- £25-£55 per head



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At Kaboola we pride ourselves on minimal food wastage. We create delicious salads and daily treats in our cafe in Brixton using any extras from events that we may have. We have developed recipes using fruit pulp from our delicious fresh juices in the cafe, including brownies and carrot cake! We use British seasonal ingredients as much as possible and this is the foundation of our monthly supper clubs. All of our takeaway containers are made from natural or recycled materials too!


1. Write lists!!!! Don't be overwhelmed by organising an event. Break everything down into small parts so that it is manageable and work your way through your list gradually. 2. Give suppliers as much information as possible to receive the most accurate quotes. 3. Let your supplier/s help with ideas to make your event unique

Every event is bespoke to the client's requirements and we work closely with our clients to ensure perfection!

Kaboola is a fun, colourful and fresh catering company providing fantastic food and service for your event!

A warm ham and cheese toastie is very high on the list, as well as a hot mac n' cheese bite with pesto mayo! Keeping it simple is key for late night snackers!

There are two particularly stand out events, although they were two of the favourite they were also two of the most challenging. One was a floating marquee on a lake with the only access point being a steep set of stone stairs (logistical nightmare!) The other, was one long table for 300 people stretched through a forest

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