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Wise Productions launches virtual and hybrid event platforms

For over 25 years Wise Productions has been helping its clients tell their story on the live stage with creative ideas and technical precision. As they continue to work closely with Unique Venues of London members and fellow suppliers to prepare for the return of physical events, the company has launched a range of platforms to support clients who are looking to host hybrid or virtual events. The company’s solutions bring the magic of real event production into digital platforms, to connect clients with their online audiences through real-time live experiences, which take place within stunning 3D settings.

As part of their full-service offering to support virtual and hybrid events, the company has built a fully-equipped broadcast studio at it’s west London premises, with a 10m wide green screen set to film presenters and then place them within 3D environments. The studio has been designed and constructed with Covid-secure measures implemented throughout the facility to ensure clients and the Wise Productions team are able to work together in a safe environment with social distancing maintained at all times.

George Foden, Director of Events at Wise Productions commented “We can’t wait to be getting back to producing live events in the venues we love, but until then our cutting-edge 3D solutions offers the ultimate platform to take online events to the next level and surpass audience expectations. As venues begin to re-open over the coming weeks and months, we will use the same 3D technology to support hybrid events as our clients start to host Covid-safe events in unique venues, but wish to engage a wider online audience by augmenting their physical event content with engaging digital content for those watching online. Our in-house studio and suite of 3D tools allows us to offer a one-stop shop for clients who wish to take advantage of the infinite possibilities hybrid events offer, but set the whole experience within the stunning backdrop of a unique venue.


To create slick and professional virtual events, our You Film, We Create service offers a cost-effective solution for clients who need to elevate their online event, but don’t necessarily need to film the video content in a studio environment. Your hosts and performers film their content themselves at home, and our experienced editing team do the rest!

* Pre-production support from our Project Manager to plan your virtual event * Advice and guidance notes for those filming content to ensure good production quality * Editing of the pre-recorded content into a seamless show * Addition of on-screen graphics, captions, text tickers, logos and background music * Two rounds of editing to review the edited film and refine your finished virtual event * Upload of the completed film to your streaming platform ready for broadcast

Optional extras: * Additional rounds of editing (based on a 60 minute film duration) * Provision and configuration of video-on-demand streaming platform for broadcast (e.g. Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook Live) * Addition of a live presenter during the broadcast from their home * Integration of live audience interaction/voting tools (e.g. Slido, Pigeonhole) * Production of animated graphics such as opening titles/idents * Set-up of bespoke attendee registration system with secure event logins

Using the same 3D graphics engine used by Hollywood studios and the world’s leading video game designers, we can place your event hosts into our 3D virtual studio. This immersive environment can be branded and incorporate big screens, dynamic lighting designs and live audience interaction tools in order to take your virtual event to the next level.

* Pre-production support from our Project Manager to plan your virtual event * 1-day shoot in our west London studio (up to 8 hrs) to create the virtual event. * Use of our pre-built virtual 3D studio with ability to add your company logo to the set * 3 fixed cameras with operators * Studio Director to help manage your shoot * Graphics Operator to build in your keynote presentations, videos and remote presenters * Sound Technician & Lighting Operator * Configuration of a streaming platform for video-on-demand or live broadcast (e.g. Vimeo,Zoom, Facebook Live)

* Your event hosts placed into a 3D virtual studio environment * Up to 3 fixed camera angles for your filming * Studio lighting can be adjusted live during the show, including moving lights * Virtual screens in the studio can show presentations, videos and remote presenters * Broadcast can be streamed live, pre-recorded or a mixture of the two

The Live@Home virtual events concept brings a true live experience to your online audience in an immersive 3D environment, where interaction and live presentation is at the heart of the concept. This unique platform allows hosts, performers and even your audience to be placed digitally into a stunning virtual setting, alongside live production elements.

* Pre-production support from our Project Manager to plan your virtual event * 1 day in our west London studio (up to 8 hrs) to pre-record content. * Choice of ready-made 3D venues with customisation of the design to suit your brand * Creation of custom graphics, idents, bumpers, and music * Production of the final event in the Live Legends studio, including all crew and equipment * Configuration of streaming platform for broadcast including basic customisations and branding options (e.g. Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook Live)

* Immersive 3D virtual venue reproduced in stunning quality * Incorporate live performances with full production lighting, visuals and even pyrotechnics! * Bring your online audience into the virtual world with avatars and interactive tools * Pre-record your event or incorporate hosts broadcasting live from within the 3D world

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