How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Planner

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Romance, happiness, and excitement are organic; whatever you envision for your wedding, the day will be awash with your own joy at marrying the love of your life. Unfortunately, the process of planning a wedding is not so straightforward, and pulling together the infinite list of ideas and practicalities can cause more stress than anticipation. 

Bringing in the experience and expertise of a wedding planner will have you thanking your lucky stars both on the day of your wedding, and in the months preceding it.

The right wedding planner will understand your vision from your first meeting, and be filled with ideas about how to optimise your organisation, theme, and experience. They are not reserved for the elite, either; a wedding planner can work with your budget, and help you get the most out of every penny you invest into your nuptials, and ensure that you are using reliable and efficient suppliers.

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Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Right now, you are likely brimming with ideas about decor, lighting, textiles, colour, flowers a stream of consciousness comprising every piece of inspiration you have gathered since the beginning of your engagement. Just as a wedding caterer has the skill set needed to transform those ideas into a flavourful feast, and a florist will be fueled by your own creativity to design a truly unique bouquet, a wedding planner will bring the right passion to turn your dreams into a reality.

If you are kept busy with work, living a fair distance from the wedding venue, or planning a destination wedding in another country, then your wedding planner will be ready and willing to take the reins whenever necessary, and oversee your long list of wedding suppliers and pre-wedding chores. 

How Can I Find the Best Wedding Planner?

Trust is, typically, earned over time, but the nature of hiring a wedding planner will mean handing over a great deal of responsibility and personal information soon after your first consultation. 

Of course, meeting first and developing a connection with someone is an excellent way of ensuring that you are on the same page, and capable of working toward the same goals. When it comes to professional trust, however, we have a number of pointers to consider before you commit to your wedding planner.

Raw creativity goes a long way, but wedding planning is a craft honed through experience and industry knowledge. Look for a wedding organiser who has at least a few years’ experience in the wedding game, and plenty of authentic, positive reviews from brides and grooms.

What Can My Wedding Planner Do?

The question is: what do you need your wedding planner to do?

The role a wedding planner fulfils will vary depending on the services you and your fiancé require in order to pull off the wedding of your dreams. 

A planner can act as your wedding coordinator, ensuring that the day is organised and streamlined so that you can glide through it with your mind focused only on the present. They can act as a party planner, and make certain that deposits and payments to suppliers are made in good time. 

Your wedding planner can also collaborate with you on your theme; the right person will have a well-trained eye for transforming a space, and will prove invaluable if you are wondering how to go about decorating a wedding venue large or small. 

Maintaining peace between mothers-in-law, bridesmaids, sisters, and friends is never easy and, trust us, your wedding planner will have a wealth of first-hand experience in mitigating family drama.

Romance aside, weddings are tumultuous times for brides, grooms, and their loved ones. A good wedding planner will be ready to transition from financial advisor, to interior designer, to crisis support at the drop of a top hat. 

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Be Upfront with Your Budget

It comes as no surprise that wedding planners love weddings. They were drawn to this business by a passion for creativity and meticulous organisation, and will want to see you and your loved ones have the time of your lives on your wedding day — and in the days leading up to it.

It is no use running into plans and commitments without taking the time to think carefully about your budget, and a wedding planner can provide plenty of advice on how to make wise and cost-effective decisions. 

When you find someone you would like to work with, meet with them and discuss your options. Wedding planning services come in varying degrees of intensity, and honesty really is the best resolution when it comes to finding the right level of expertise for your plans. 

Your best interests are shared by your wedding planner. It is their job to steer you away from going over budget, and to keep you updated with each cost as it rolls in. 


Perfect a Destination Wedding 

Planning a wedding in your hometown is, for all intents and purposes, a challenge, which makes achieving the same level of luxury and coordination in another country a true test of will. 

A destination wedding planner will be up to the task of liaising with your contacts, securing firm plans in far off places, and carefully laying down plans that will see you walking smoothly from your own front door, to the confetti-strewn aisle half the world away.

Disappear into the Sunset

By the end of the evening, all newlyweds are eager to make a gracious, cinematic exit from the reception; there will seem an endless stream of relatives and friends to whom you must bid farewell, and a sea of beautiful chaos to cross before you retire to the calm of your honeymoon suite. 

Your wedding planner will spare you and your bridal party from any worry over dismantling the remnants of your night. The duty of sweeping confetti, gathering champagne glasses and centrepieces, and gathering gifts can be handled while you focus on what is important: the new ring on your finger, the upcoming honeymoon, and the plans you have made for your future together.

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Take the pressure off and make your wedding everything you ever dreamed of with the help of one of our expert wedding planners.

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