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We setup a virtual bar and invite guests to join us in a private online session. Our professional mixologist will take everyone on a journey learning about the ingredients all whilst providing an element of entertainment. We will create 3 cocktails together whilst learning the basics of becoming a home bartender. If you don’t have the right utensils, we will make the most of items found at home to help you.

Below is a breakdown of the cost per person and what it includes:

Option 1 – Cocktail Ingredients only - £30.00+vat Per Person (Minimum Group Size - 10)

Option 2 - Cocktail Starter Pack for 3 Cocktails - £50.00+vat Per Person (Minimum Group Size - 10)

Option 3 – Access to Online Masterclass Only - £20.00+vat Per Person (Minimum Group Size - 10) (We provide list of ingredients prior to session)

On the online platform we will have a skilled bartender greeting the participants and showcasing his talent as everyone joins on. We will have the exact same ingredients and utensils as the participants – making it very engaging and easy to follow.

Ingredients (Option 1 & 2: adequate to create 3 cocktails)

  • Miniature bottles of spirits, liquors
  • Syrups, purees
  • Juice or mixer
  • Garnish

Cocktail Shaker Set – Only with Option 2

  • Shaker tin and glass
  • Jigger for measurements
  • Strainer
  • Spoon
  • Muddler

Pre Batched Cocktails

We also offer a wide range of pre batched cocktails than can be ordered from us. Made from fresh ingredients of the highest quality with a shelf life of up to 7 days.

These start at £20+vat (1lt) plus delivery (shipping nationwide)

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