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easy social cocktail co was started by a group of friends who believe in a simple idea – that life is better when we mix

sharing a drink with a friend should be easy, fun and hassle-free - and have a positive effect on our communities and our climate. our aim is to help make that happen with drinks that put a smile on your face

we have the power to be greater than the sum of our parts, which is why we make drinks which are ideal for sharing and we aim to be a carbon neutral company, sourcing local ingredients where we can

our team have been designing award winning cocktails and menus in some of London's finest bars for over a decade. so let us help you create your perfect event - because life is better when we mix



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we aim to be a carbon neutral company, planting trees to offset our carbon footprint. we have a number of other initiatives too, including our range of easily recyclable (and very good looking!) cocktails in cans and sourcing local ingredients where possible

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