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Fourth Generation is a company designed to serve the temporary power needs of the live event and entertainment industry. Specialising in concert tours, television, broadcast, sporting and large scale corporate and private events.

Fourth Generation is UK based and provides a full service worldwide.

We can provide a wide range of generators for any need, our distribution products range from one extension cord to enough equipment to power a small city. We also supply transformers, uninterruptible power supplies, aluminium cable ramps and crew.

Whatever your requirement may be, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Let us know your specification and deadline, we’ll work to make it happen!




Cable Ramps - We offer three levels of cable protection; heavy and medium ramps or light matting. Work Lamps - We offer a full range of work lights to cover many applications.

Yes. We have worked hand in hand with leading industry partners to develop an elite standard of equipment for our generator inventory.

MUSIC: Coldplay UK & European Tour, Sting DVD Recording (Durham Cathedral), Genesis UK & European Tour, Robbie Williams World Tours, Kylie Minogue Tour, Nickelback UK Tour, Alicia Keys Tour TV: Dancing On Ice 2006-2010 (LWT / Granada Media),Soccer Aid (Endemol), The Restoration Show (Endemol), The Match (Endemol), My Best Friend (September Films), Underdogs (Splash), Celebrity Wrestling (Granada Television) CORPORATE/PRIVATE: HSL, Jersey On Ice, Jimi Hendrix Expo, John Henry’s, Banana Split, Pegasus Productions, Marquee Magic

Our crew are hand picked for their specialist knowledge and experience in the live event market. It is not just the technical ability that is important to our clients but the correct temperament in the support staff that surround them. A personable, unflappable ‘can do’ and ‘get it done’ attitude is what is also required (not to mention a sense of humour in the face of adversity!)

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