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I love magic. I've been performing full time for over ten years all over the world.

Now a member of the Magic Circle in London, I continue to entertain guests with my unique style of magic.

Do check out my showreel to get a sense of what I do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6edIrGtE8w&t

With my experience, you can trust that I will blend seamlessly into your event, creating moments of laughter and wonder that will have your guests talking about your event for months to come, if not years!

Having performed to all kinds of people, all over the world, whether your guests are royalty or your neighbours next door, I know just the type of magic effects to keep them guessing.



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I minimise my impact on the environment whenever possible by using public transport to and from events wherever possible. The playing cards I use, which are one of my main props, are made from recyclable material. (I also recycle all of my jokes! Sorry, couldn't help myself)


Almost everyone! I've performed for various members of the British Royal family, both at separate events and also the likes of Princess Eugenie's engagement party. While travelling I was fortunate enough to be asked to do magic for members of the royal family of Rajasthan in India. Over the years I have also done celebrity events with guests such as Sienna Miller, Henry Cavill and Brian Lara. One of my favourite performances though was to the Special Olympics teams during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. By far some of my most appreciative audience members! I love performing to anyone who will give me their attention though as I think magic is one of the greatest things in this world and love any opportunity to share it with anyone.

The more information you can provide, the better. The most important things to let me know are: Number of Guests Number of Tables (if appropriate!) The age range of the guests A Running sheet of how the day will go Best way to get to and from the venue Any special guests who I should be focusing on (e.g. Bride and Groom/Birthday Girl/CEO) Sound and Lighting set up That should be a good start, but after a quick chat, I'll be able to let you know if I need anything else!

The answer I give here should be something light that isn't filling, but I'm a complete sucker for a burger and chips. Complete weakness. Honestly, though, I rarely need feeding at events, its hard to perform at 100% with a full stomach!

I didn't. It was never planned. I certainly didn't grow up learning magic. I didn't learn my first proper effect until I was 20 and at university. I dropped out a few years into my degree because it was so much more fun than anything else I was doing in my life, it seemed silly not to make the transition to full time!


"Magic Max was highly recommended by a friend to attend a dinner party at St James’ Palace Officers Mess, as part of an annual dinner. Max was a fantastic entertainer; he arrived early and set the tone with a string of amazing tricks and jokes that kept us in stitches. Later in the night, another round of faultless entertainment left us amazed. He was simply fantastic, and the tricks and jokes are still discussed by my friends today."

Alex Baylis - Captain of the Royal Guard

"Not only did you capture minds, hearts, aces, and spades, you left us with an indelible print not at, but ‘on’ our fingertips. You brought gasps and applause with the purity of your magic. Thank you for that WOW factor Maximillian (We can categorically say – ‘you are most definitely one in a million.)"

Joe Macari - MD of Macari Supercar Showroom

"We had the pleasure of performing at a London private members club on the same night that Max was doing some magic. He was charming and took the time to do a few tricks on us, which were mind-blowing. And we thought we were the 'hand of god'. Guaranteed to amaze and entertain in equal measures."

Mano De Dios - Band

"I employed Max at a work function. Max brought flare, entertainment and a serious wow factor! His tricks were breathtaking, and we always wanted to know more and how he pulled off these amazing skills. I’d highly recommend him for any function."

Stephanie Menogue

"I'm pretty sure that Maximillian is made from pure magic. Heralding from the knowledge of the old gods, Maximillian's magic is freaking incredible. I highly recommend him both as a headline booking but also for general entertainment at a party or gathering. The tricks are mind-blowing - but maybe it is because you are distracted by Maximillian's charming demeanour."

Charlie Glinka

"Max performs at my events whenever I can find an excuse! His magic is always so entertaining and always leaves everyone questioning what they've seen, how was it possible and can they see more! Cannot recommend highly enough!"

Fiona Sanderson

"MAXIMILLIAN RENDALL - Is a uniquely brilliant Magician and member of the Magic Circle. He is an exceptional, entertainer and impressive addition to any event. He performed at my last birthday party, and I am still getting praise from friends dumbfounded by his unbelievable performance!"

Liz Brewer

"I hired Max for my mothers 60th birthday party, he performed for a group of 30 at the pre-dinner drinks reception, and he was exceptional. He performed perfectly for the specific audience and had everyone's minds blown. Should I have a call for a magician again, I would not hesitate to hire Max."

Alice Murphy

"Max is a charismatic professional with an amazing sense for inspiring and miraculous. A unique showman with a great sense of humour and a talent for the sublime."

Tom Marr

"Max is a wonderfully talented close-up magician. Charismatic, attractive and guaranteed to amuse and amaze"

Susanne Malim

"Max is the rising star of magicians. I have used him for numerous events and will continue to do so. His wit, charm and presence captivate the audience completely. Guests are always thrilled and you can count on your event being a success if Max is there to help. He is professional and easy to work with and can read a room like no other, be it a birthday party, wedding or corporate launch. I highly recommend Max for any corporate or personal events"

Philippine Vernes

"Max's magic blew me away, I was in disbelief about how his tricks were possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a magician. He is professional, charming, works the room well with spectacular tricks while remaining hilarious."

Nick Courtenay

"Max is an exceptionally talented magician and leaves the entire room in awe when showing off his tricks. Can not recommend highly enough."

Mitchell Say

"Max is the best in the business. He dazzles the believers and converts the sceptics, but most importantly, he truly gets people and is one of the best at reading the room. I have seen Max perform many times, and each time he brings something new to the table that goes far beyond the magic tricks. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone."

Laura Prittie

"Max is hands down, the best live entertainer I've seen. His charismatic, rambunctious personality can inject life into any setting, and you will find yourself standing there asking him to do it again and again. And again! And again! Unfortunately, we are now half a world apart, but that doesn't stop me from telling anyone who listens that he can do things with a deck of cards that once upon a time, they would have thought he was a god!"

Phil Spruce

"Watching Rendall perform his close up was also a delight, not only visually, but just listening to his eloquent control of the English language is enough to leave you in a trance."

Magic Week Magazine UK

"Creates a heightened sense of wonder"

Vanish Magazine

"The perfect addition to any party"

Sienna Miller

"Max has found a unique dynamic which makes him stand out from the pool of magicians and offers something a little more different and interesting. Having been to multiple events that Max has performed at I can guarantee he will often take your breath away....before hiding it and then making it reappear in someone else’s pocket. I strongly recommend for anyone who is seeking a magician for one of their events!"

Thomas Griffiths

"I have seen Max perform several times. He has a natural talent, which combined with his charm and winning smile is guaranteed to attract admiration for his truly amazing range of tricks, which certainly leave me stunned and full of admiration."

Lord Valentine Cecil
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