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The Uncommon are the first to pioneer our winemaking method in the UK. With grapes grown in our vineyards in Surrey, Kent and Hampshire, our wines are not made to be hidden in a cellar. They are made to burst into life at any event.

Dry, bright, mouth-watering English sparkling wine. In cans.

And for when something even more refreshing is required; we’ve made our botanical spritzers. Taking our bubbly white and bubbly rosé, a dash of sparkling water, and the most English of botanical extracts, each chosen to build on the notes of the wines they are blended with.

The Uncommon was founded to push the new era of English wine into new territory and break tradition for the better. Created for a generation of fun-loving and green-living drinkers, we aim to be the most forward thinking, sustainable winemaker in the country.

Locally grown, sustainably made, award-winning English wine in cans. Always bubbling, never still.



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  • We believe in local
  • From our local farming to our local winery
  • It’s all within 25 miles of our base in London
  • So, there’s no need to ship wine or bottles around the world
  • It’s right here on your doorstep
  • From the vine, to you, it’s all English
  • Help celebrate local!


  • At every stage of production, sustainability is key
  • None of our packaging is single use
  • With recycled carboard used in our multipacks, and upcycled cork handles
  • Our canning plant is carbon positive, all powered by green, renewable energy
  • Using wind, solar and even drawing heat from disused coal mines
  • Releasing 40% of the power produced back into the grid
  • We’re not perfect, but we’re improving


  • We have made our wine with our can in mind
  • They’re young, aromatic wines not made to be hidden in cellars
  • Our cans are sealed airtight keeping the freshness far better than a bottle
  • They’re single serve to reduce wine waste
  • They’re lighter and pack tighter for transport
  • They’re endlessly, and more efficiently, recyclable
  • And always ready to burst into life whenever and wherever you are


The one we keep returning to is Lost Village. 3 days in the woods getting lost with lovely cans, immersed in music. The food there is also delicious. It’s the perfect exclamation mark to round off our summer.

Don’t be intimidated; wine lists are a minefield. In reality, it’s just wine and it’s been overcomplicated for most people. Everyone’s taste is personal, so drink what you enjoy, and if you don’t understand something, just ask. And make sure it has bubbles.

We’re always bubbling.

We are the wine partner for Vivienne Westwood’s UK shows and events due to our aligned focus on quality, design and sustainability. So, mixing with models, celebrities and VIPs is something we’re ‘having’ to get used to. Sometimes making wine isn’t so bad.

Depending on how decadent we’re feeling, it could range from caviar to beans on toast. All the best things come in cans.

We make the best wine we can, and we’ve made it specifically for our cans. We are English and want to celebrate local at every opportunity, but what makes us really different is that we are the first to pioneer our method in the UK and the only English winemaker that is not bottling it. We make really, really good English sparkling wine. In cans.

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