How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Entertainment

By HOPP Team
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For guests, the entertainment begins before the bride has even made it down the aisle. From your entrance music to the closing number, and everything between, your roster of wedding entertainers will have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere.

Wedding jazz bands, string quartets, sopranos, professional dancers...singing waiters — the heart wants what it wants. Securing your wedding entertainment is one of the most exciting milestones in planning a wedding, but the choice can be overwhelming.

Think of the day in terms of its component parts — the wedding entertainers you hire to open the ceremony will, in all likelihood, not be the same person with whom the night draws to a close. Stay true to your own personal tastes, and consider the mood you wish to create for your guests: do you dream of dancing the night away, or revitalising your guests with a unique floorshow?

Wedding Music

Rattle & Shake

Your wedding music will create the soundtrack, ambience, and undertones of the day. Whether you host your reception around a wedding singer, include a string quartet to garnish dinnertime conversation, or a rock band for evening frivolity, your wedding music will have a big impact on the overall experience for all involved — so choose carefully. 

There are wedding bands to suit every taste, and you needn’t feel limited to only the most conventional styles. It may be tradition, but if you do not love the idea of walking down the aisle to Wagner, then choose something that means more to you and your spouse-to-be. Remember that these songs will hold meaning for you over many, many years to come.

Similarly, if you and your fiance are looking to evoke memories of your dates at festivals and live music events, research into acoustic wedding music bands that will really speak to your taste — and theme — at the reception. 

If you want to entice your guests onto the dancefloor, then a wedding singer who takes requests will stand the most chance of getting everyone out of their chairs — just be sure to make a list of songs you do not want to hear, and have the singer or wedding DJ leave them off the playlist.

Gentleman George

Reflect on Your First Dance

Your first dance will be transformative for you, and for the song you choose. Amidst the wonderful mayhem of vows, guests, traditions and champagne, the first dance will allow you to restore your focus, and share an intimate few moments with your better half. 

The song will forever hold a special meaning for the two of you. If you have a DJ, ensure well in advance of the day that they have a copy of the song on their playlist. Before booking any live wedding musicians, ask them if they are able to learn a new song; this may incur a small additional charge for the extra rehearsal time, but it will mean that you are able to dance to a beautiful, more personal rendition of that special song.

ALR Music

Create a Schedule for Your Wedding Entertainers

Typically, a wedding singer or band will charge you by the hour so, prior to making any commitments, ensure that you have put together an accurate schedule for your day. Be sure to carefully consider the style and tempo of music in relation to what will be happening and how your guests will be feeling at different key points throughout the day.

If you envisage classical wedding music with a string quartet for your ceremony, but a rock band to create a more lively  vibe in the evening, make sure you only book each performer for the right amount of time — you do not want to commit to paying a wedding musician for four hours when you only need them for two. 

Book your wedding entertainment well in advance to ensure that they are available, and provide them with details about the venue so that they have a chance to hire and prepare the right equipment to fill your space with sound. 


Alternative Wedding Entertainment

A wedding day is not just a celebration of love; it’s a celebration of everything that you and your fiance have come to cherish together. Music and dancing are wonderful ways of bringing guests together and enlivening conversation — that, and the champagne — but don’t feel that your dancefloor always needs to be filled.

There are many other options for unique wedding entertainment, whether you’re hoping to get your guests off their feet to watch incredible fireworks, or keep them spellbound throughout your five-course meal. 

Foyle Fireworks

A Wedding Magician

Beguiling your guests with a little magic will make for a wonderful, lighthearted interlude during the reception. You might consider hiring a professional wedding magician to mingle with your guests during the champagne reception, visit their tables between courses, or take to the stage as the wedding menu is served. Magic holds universal appeal, and will entertain guests of any age.

The best wedding magicians are all members of The Magic Circle, which is an elite, international society for professional performers who are sure to engage your guests, and add a touch of charm to the reception. 

A Wedding Comedian

A room filled with laughter is a beautiful sight to behold, and will revitalise tired guests for a long evening of conversation and dance. As a professional wedding entertainer, a comedian will know how to break the ice and elevate the mood further; what’s more, your wedding photographer will capture some beautifully candid shots of everyone’s enjoyment. 

When looking for a wedding comedian, research their act to ensure that they appeal to your sense of humour, and talk to them about the types of content you are happy for them to use; you do not want to see your guests covering their children's ears…

Find Ways for Your Guests to Entertain Themselves

If you are looking for more subtle wedding entertainment, then photobooths, creative guestbooks, and photo scavenger hunts will all keep your guests in high spirits, while providing you with plenty of lasting memories to enjoy in the decades to come. Do not feel obliged to provide your guests with an unending stream of divertissements; good food, drink, and company will keep your guests happy well into the early hours.

Create the perfect atmosphere on your special day by choosing the best wedding entertainment.

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