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Very few brides are prepared for the moment that the bouquet is put into her hands. It represents the final, single-digits countdown until all those plans are finally put in motion, the doors are opened, or the curtains pulled back, and she begins her walk down the aisle. Of course, it’s made all the better if that bridal bouquet – and every other fresh-cut flower used in your wedding décor – has been expertly arranged and transformed into pieces that make you look that little bit more magical,

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How to choose your dream wedding florist

Step 1

You Don’t Have to Know What You Want

Searching for suppliers is often about taking the seed of an idea, and running with it. You might know you want a castle backdrop, but not which castle you want. You might know you want a silver service menu inspired by French cuisine, but not what that menu entails just yet. Your bridal bouquet, buttonholes, wedding table centrepieces and bridesmaid bouquets are a little different. Plenty of brides will visit their prospective florist with nothing but their theme – and that is plenty for a creative and experienced florist to run with. That’s not to say you can’t have a more specific idea in mind, but that, if you don’t, your florist will be more than capable of filling in the many, many blanks.

Step 2

Don’t Forget Your Allergies

You’d be surprised how easy it is for brides and grooms to overlook the odd sensitivity to pollen or strong fragrances amid the flurry of wedding planning. But, whether you’ve started to think that those headaches – which always seem to come on when there are lilies in the room – may be trying to tell you something, or that your friend’s traditional Gypsophila bridesmaids bouquets were definitely the cause of your sudden ‘cold’ last spring, this is one instance where it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Step 3

The Little Touches will be Transformative

Again, this is something that a good florist will provide plenty of guidance on, but we cannot overstate the importance of saving time (and a small slice of your budget) to see to those finishing touches. If you’re feeling unsure about the traditional figurine cake toppers, for instance, why not replace them with a tiny flower arrangement that mirrors the ones sprinkled around your venue. Similarly, why not ask the florist to create a few baskets of petal confetti that echoes your bouquet and buttonhole?

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