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In all likelihood, whoever first coined the term ‘the great outdoors’ likely did so after attending a beautiful al fresco wedding. Whether that wedding took place in the height of summer, under the cool shade of a garden marquee, or in the white depths of winter, in a yurt warmed by a roaring fire and festive hot toddies, is anyone’s guess. Hosting a wedding within a marquee has been hugely popular for many years now,

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How to choose your dream wedding marquee

Step 1

‘Outdoor Wedding’ is Not Synonymous with ‘Rustic Wedding’

It’s easy to conjure up images of a bohemian chic affair when we think of outdoor weddings. And, as beautiful as sun-drenched vows, rustic wedding flowers, buffet-style dining and festival-style music may be, it’s not every bride’s dream scenario. One thing we love about marquis and wedding structures is that they can be suited to the needs of the event – as can the great outdoors. From elegant garden parties to sensational, no holds barred events inspired by the colourful carnival, you can organise almost any event around these versatile structures.

Step 2

Arrange the Ceremony Elsewhere

In the UK, a weddings need to take place within a permanent structure, which means organising the ceremony elsewhere. This doesn’t necessarily mean relocating your entire wedding. Plenty of brides and grooms are happy to hold their own ceremony within the marquee, and in front of all their guests, then ‘make it legal’ at a later date, between themselves and a couple of family members.

Step 3

Try to Forget Everything You Think You Know About Marquees

Unless you’ve attended plenty of weddings involving marquees in recent years, the chances are that you’ve yet to experience quite how long your list of choices really is. In other words, there is much more to a marquee than the traditional, gable roofed silhouette we all know so well. From changeable layouts that provide separate spaces for dining, dancing, entertainment and children to cloth walls and ceilings made festive with intricate and timeless prints, there is much more to the humble marquee than meets the eye.

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