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We’re willing to bet that the phrase ‘wedding venue’ doesn’t need any help sparking a clear and film-worthy image in your mind of the perfect backdrop to your nuptials. Whether it’s a quiet corner of the world, quintessentially British and capable of giving that home-away-from-home vibe, a lush, green, earthy haven encroached upon only by the sun, or an elegant and urban ‘blank canvas’ overlooking London, the good news is this: it probably exists.

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How to choose your dream wedding venue

Step 1

Roll with the seasons

There are many reasons why we’d recommend booking your venue at least twelve months in advance – not least of all to avoid disappointment. But, also, it gives you an opportunity to view your prospective venues during the right season. You could go to view your dream venue but, if you’re touring that beautiful estate in the damp, brown-leafed autumn when you’re wedding date falls in the middle of summer, its true charm could all too easily pass you by. The same holds true for a wintertime wedding – if you’re looking round a venue decorated for spring, you’re not going to ‘feel it’, no matter how perfect it is.

Step 2

Be real about distance

Are you happy to travel four hours across the country to your chosen venue? If so, are you happy to go down there a day or two early, and to relocate the final stages of wedding prep – along with your bridal party? Again, if your answer is yes, are you truly happy to ask your guests to make that journey, too? Remote wedding locations are incredible. The ability to travel around means that you have even more choice, and that the entire experience feels like an escapist dream. Still, it’s not for everyone, and there are many places to have a wedding in every corner of the country – which means plenty of local wedding venues to choose from if you’re not up for a long stint on the motorway.

Step 3

Don't sacrifice too much

Settling with any wedding venue will require at least a couple of small sacrifices. Maybe you found the idyllic romantic backdrop, complete with a rose garden and wisteria-draped façade, but it’s missing a Juliet balcony – no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Some venues, however, will seem right on the outside but leave something to be desired in the fine print. Maybe their maximum capacity is too low to meet your guest list, or they require you only use their own suppliers – a dealbreaker, if you’ve already started to fall in the work of suppliers not on their list. If this is the case, know that there will be other venues better suited to you – you just have to keep looking.

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