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59-80p per unit.


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Our delicious sparking water is infused with real, wonky fruit. That's bent, crushed, curved, misshapen, knobbly fruit which others say no to. We judge our ingredients on taste alone - looks never come into it. By accepting these misfits we are helping to reduce food waste.

With no calories, no sugar and no sweeteners - DASH is crafted with just three ingredients: British spring water, wonky fruit and natural bubbles. We've produced five delicious waters (Cucumber, Lemon, Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Peach) as well as three fabulous Sodas (Bitter Orange&Grapefruit, Rhubarb&Fiery Ginger and Lime&Garden Mint).

Aluminium and glass are some of the stars of the recycling world. Making our cans from recycled aluminium uses a tiny 8% of the energy of producing new materials.

We are proud to say we are a Certified B Corporation. We always intend to use our business as a force of good. And it's official!



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We are on a mission to hydrate and inspire millions of DASH drinkers with 150 million cans by 2025, saving 2,5000 tonnes of wonky fruit and veg. We infuse our sparkling water with real, wonky fruit. That's been crushed, curved, misshapen, knobbly fruit which others say no to. By accepting misfits we are helping to reduce food waste.

We are incredibly proud to say that we are a Certified B Corporation. We always intend to use our buisness as a force for good, and it's official.

Our cans and bottles have been around the block a few times. And that’s the way we like them. Aluminium and glass are some of the stars of the recycling world. Making our cans from recycled aluminium uses a tiny 8% of the energy of producing new materials. It’s also super light to transport and it’s the most recycled material out there - alu-mazing!

Our glass bottles can be recycled and reused again and again... and again... without ever losing their quality. So if it’s recycled (like these bottles) it’s brilliant. In fact, you’d be hard pushed to find two better materials that can be remade to look as good as new, but that actually might be older than you…


Sparkling water infused with wonky fruit. Dash contains No Calories - No Sugar - No Sweetener (Naturally)

We infuse our super tasty waters with real, wonky fruit. That’s bent, crushed, curved, knobbly, misshapen fruit which others say no to. By accepting the misfits we are helping to reduce food waste.

We infuse the whole fruit with water for several hours. This process extracts the fragrant and natural flavours from the fruit without the sugar and calories, making a beautifully crafted drink.

Our flavours are crafted to be natural and refreshing. Unlike conventional soft drinks, we do not add any sugar, sweetener or artificial flavourings to our drinks.

Let's be honest, who needs sweeteners when you can enjoy the natural taste of the wonky fruit and bubbles? We believe natural sweeteners are harmful to your health, with plenty of evidence suggesting that they are not a safe sugar-alternative.

Dash Water does contain a trace of calories. Roughly 1kcal per 100ml and anything under <2kcal per 100ml can be legally termed as containing zero calories.

We use a blend of naturally occurring oils and aromas to add that fruity flavour - nothing artificial, and no nasties!

Yes, absolutely. It’s nothing more than freshly sprung spring water, wonky fruit and bubbles. Please get in touch with the Help Vine if you have any other dietary concerns.

Nope, there is no caffeine in our drinks.

The pH level is 5, which is less acidic than conventional soft drinks.

Dash Water is not alcoholic, however it is a great alternative to alcohol and can be used as a 0 calorie mixer.

Absolutely! In fact, we’re loved by diabetics … no sugar, no sweetener, no calories - Simple!

Our spring water comes from the border between England and Wales in Herefordshire – it takes just seven minutes for the water to go from source to our colourful cans as our whole production facility is on site.

Dash is made with freshly sprung spring water. Whilst our water does contain minerals, it is not classified as mineral water.

No farmer wants to see their hard work go to waste. But at the moment that’s exactly what’s happening, with up to 40% of fruit and veg grown in the UK going to waste. It’s a seriously frightening statistic for a serious problem that needs to be at the forefront of our minds when we choose what we eat and drink. At Dash we judge our ingredients on taste alone – looks never come into it (why would they?).

We partner with a food waste charity called Feedback, who are based down in Brighton. They help match us with farmers with surplus fruit. Almost all our fruit is sourced in the UK, but our Lemons come from Sicily and our Peaches from Spain. Sadly, these countries also have lots of fruit that needs saving too!

Gleaning is the process of collecting produce that is not harvested for commercial use – this is the wonky, bumped, curved, misshapen bits that might otherwise go to waste. Get involved with your local gleaning network here: https://feedbackglobal.org/campaigns/gleaning-network/

All of the leftover fruit that we use to create our extract is sent to a nearby biogas plant to convert it into electricity. That’s right, we’re serious about circular business.

None of our fruit is genetically modified… that’s right… we’re all natural.

Our cans have a shelf-life of approximately 18 months and can be stored outside of the fridge.

Our cans, glass bottles, cardboard boxes and shrink wrap are all fully recyclable. The cans are made from aluminium and we encourage everyone to seek out a recycling bin where possible. We want to pave the way and ensure that we minimise the impact that the soft drinks industry has on our planet. While the plastic we use is recyclable, we wholeheartedly believe that reducing plastic to zero is essential and we are always looking for better ways to package our drinks. We appreciate feedback in all shapes and sizes :)

Yes, all our cans have BPA-free lining.


"I am a huge fan of dash water. So much so that I now have a monthly subscription plan so I never run out. Oh, and there's the subscription discount that comes in really handy! I tried Dash out because I was trying to curb my soda addiction. As the water comes in cans, it still feels like I'm getting my daily soda treat, just without all the sugar and other nasties. My favourite flavours are lemon and raspberry and my husband is obsessed with peach. Delish!"


"These drinks exceeded my expectation. Unlike fruit infused seltzers that I have tried before these were packed with flavour and still zero calories. So delicious."


"We drink dash everyday. Lovely, refreshing and calorie free - and no nasties. All the flavours are lovely including the new mixers. We buy regularly, and can’t see us stopping! Also glad to know the company use fruits which would otherwise go unused."


"I've tried quite a few brands of fizzy flavoured water now, and can honestly say that Dash has it just about perfect. Decent 330ml sized cans, not too expensive and all the varieties I've tried are great, just the right balance of flavour and fizz. A really refreshing drink especially when chilled, the cucumber or lemon are probably my two favourites so far. It's also a bonus that they use the wonky fruit and veg usually binned, less waste more taste."


"The best mixer. Tasty without the sugar rush. This is what I have been waiting for. To use wonky ingredients is the added bonus. Flavours are fabulous."

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