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DEFY is redefining what good wine looks like, where it's drunk and how it's served. We are defying conventions to bring good quality wine (without the snobbery) to the modern consumer; delivered in convenient and sustainable packaging.

We are a small, UK-based company who love wine, but we didn't like all the complexity and pretension surrounding it. We just want great, delicious wine and we know you do, too.

We care about quality as much as we do about taste. DEFY is enjoyment, not getting smashed, so our wine is grown and made organically.

All our wine is Soil Association certified organic & vegan-friendly.




Our wine is grown and made in small batches taking care over the quality as well as the methods and processes we use to produce it. The main feature, however, is our cans and our kegs.


  • Lighter to less CO2 to transport
  • 100% recyclable (forever)
  • No breakages (less waste)
  • Faster to chill (takes much less energy to get them to temperature in much less space)


  • Lighter (for the volume compared to the same for bottles, SO much lighter)
  • No breakages / no waste
  • Custom serving sizes (on tap you draw out as much or as little as you need)


This is wine for the modern consumer. It's not only delicious but we care about what goes in, so all the wines are certified organic and vegan-friendly. Our cans are made to be seen, but the wine is about your experience. We don't throw complicated wine terms or tasting notes at you; you enjoy it how and where you want.

Wine can be complicated and intimidating, so we made it easier. Just take a sip, if you like it, then enjoy. That's all there is to it. Taste is so subjectives, so we don't try to tell people what they should or should not be tasting.

Our wine comes in two types of container; cans and key kegs. Both are much better for the environment and for serving at events than bottles. CANS Our cans are 250ml aluminium; two small or one large glass in each (by UK weights and measures). They are lighter, don't break like glass, take up less space and chill much faster. KEGS Our kegs are 30L key kegs. They allow you to get a lot more wine, at a much better price and serve it how you like. You can keep pouring on tap all day long without messing with bottles and lots of heavy glass to dispose of.

We are Soil Association Certified Organic

Of course! We like to talk more about the experience you have with wine, since we are not here to sell you the history of the vineyard and the grape, we are here to provide you with delicious, high-quality, organic wine, but we know it's good to know more. Our wine is grown and produced in Abruzzo, Italy. We take care to hand-craft it in small batches to ensure the taste and quality. All three wines we produce and supply (red, white and rosé) are organic and vegan-friendly.

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