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Wild by Tart is a neighbourhood restaurant set within a multipurpose space. Housed in a former power station and coal store, the 9,000 sq. ft site combines a restaurant, bar, deli and kiosk, retail store, events space, and photography studio.

Founded by Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison, the successful duo behind bespoke catering company Tart London, and Tom Warren, founder of leading photography studio Lock Studios.

The restaurant offers a relaxed, all day dining menu. Inspired by places and people they love, Lucy and Jemima cook food with big flavours and seasonal ingredients, sustainably sourced where possible. Dishes are served from an open kitchen with counter seating, wood burning oven and charcoal grills.



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We cook food that excites us, using ingredients we know work well together. We look to work with suppliers who have unique stories of sustainability or craftsmanship.

Seasonality is important to what we do. Ingredients that are in season are particularly delicious, rich in nutrition, and carry the vibrant colours of their unique time of year. We are all about exploring these colours, tastes and textures – through the presentation and combination of dishes, and the elevation of contrasting and complimentary colours. Moreover, eating with the seasons makes it easier to keep to our buying local mantra.

We believe that businesses of all kinds should do all they can to not just do no harm, but to contribute positively to the world. In our case, this means doing our best to buy high quality ingredients from local suppliers, who use production methods that are positive for the environment, animal welfare and their employees. We aim to minimise the waste we produce, particularly with single use plastics, and to ensure that any waste product is recycled.

The first question people ask about Tart is‘what kind of food do you make?’. The simple truth is, we make what we love. We have never been attracted to food that tries to make a point, or dishes that are more concerned with appearance than taste. Our food is expressive of that – laid back, fun, and – we hope – delicious.

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