Back 2 Skool Spotify Playlist

By Rufus Besterman

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Normally September brings a welcomed ' back to school ' feeling as we knuckle down for the winter work ahead. Whilst there is definitely still an element of knuckling down; this year has a different feeling in the air and we hope this playlist helps you keep momentum and smile! Big thanks to the epic DJ from Rufus Besterman!

Image @thefashionbugblog Dresses @daily_sleeper

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Rufus Besterman
Rufus’ eclectic mix of musical styles and ability to transform any dance floor into a frenzy has earned him a reputation as being one of the most sought after DJs on the circuit. He has a long standing residency at the renowned London nightclub Loulous, and also frequently plays at the Groucho Club, Isabel Mayfair, Black Dice and an array of high end private events. His sets at Glastonbury, Wilderness and WOMAD festivals are the stuff of legend.