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While those few blissful hours that follow the vows will have you walking on cloud nine without a care in the world, your guests’ minds will be quick to turn to other matters: the food. We can’t say we blame them; as soon-to-be brides and grooms, you have the culinary world at your fingertips, and carte blanche to cherry pick a menu that epitomizes the big day. Whether you’re looking for a Michelin Star for your formal affair,

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How to choose your dream wedding caterer

Step 1

Never Tie Yourself to Tradition

No matter what stage you’re at in wedding planning, you’re probably already realising that convention doesn’t count for much anymore, and that putting your own personal flair on things is much more rewarding. And, just as you don’t need to run around looking for your something blue, or force your bridal party into identical dresses, you definitely don’t need to follow the usual dining protocol at your reception. Don’t like a sit-down meal? Don’t have one – keep it informal, familial and fun. Not a lover of cake? Pick something else and surprise your guests. No bride or groom needs to feel weighed down by tradition; the best wedding food is the food that most appeals to them.

Step 2

Feed Yourselves First

We’re not suggesting you and your new beau stake first claim on the food on offer, but that you prioritise your own palates first. Does that mean you should forget about your guests altogether? No, not at all. If you need to, take the time to check those all-important dietary boxes – child-friendly, veggie/vegan/gluten-free, etc – but remember that doing so is possible no matter what cuisine or style you choose, so you don’t need to curtail your own tastes for the sake of your guests.

Step 3

Don't forget the nibbles

A handy adage for life. When planning ahead, it’s easier to see the bigger picture than the smaller moments but, on the day, you’ll be glad you remembered the nibbles. Whether you opt for standing canapés before the sit-down meal, or a well-timed buffet dessert table late into the night, those nibbles will turn into the guest of honour among guests who have almost celebrated themselves into a stupor.

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