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For any bride or groom, the wedding entertainment will play two central roles throughout the big day. For starters, and most obviously, it will set the mood of the reception; the music has the power to take your crowd from energetic to romantic to reinvigorated long into the night, and any performers to make the night one to remember. Beyond that, the wedding entertainment will take the spotlight off the pair of you,

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How to choose your dream wedding entertainment

Step 1

Don’t Betray Your Theme

Is a wedding jazz band the obvious choice for a vintage wedding? Yes. Similarly, is string quartet the predictable ceremony-accompaniment for a classically romantic affair? Absolutely. Then again, would going against the grain (the grain being your wedding’s theme) just for the sake of it create a rather bizarre wedding? Definitely. If you have a theme, then you quite clearly chose it for a reason: it represents the pair of you, and epitomises the vision you have always held for your big day. There is nothing cliché about sticking to your theme.

Step 2

Remember the Children

Unless you’ve chosen a child-free event, it is important that they are catered to as much as (if not more than) the adults. We’re certainly not proponents of the old adage that children should be seen and not heard but, at the same time, we’d much rather hear them laughing than getting bored or frustrated. Children’s entertainers offer an invaluable service – and one that any bride or groom with even a handful of little ones on the guest list absolutely needs.

Step 3

End the Night on a High Note

It can be hard to get away from your own wedding. You risk circulating the room and making your individual goodbyes until you’re dizzy and disoriented unless you plan your exit ahead of time. Whether you choose a final song to play as you make a definitive exit in front of all your guests, or you choose to see out those final minutes with a firework display, plan this with your musician, DJ or announcer ahead of time. You don’t need to choose the time now – just get your entertainment in on the plan, and give them a signal when you’re ready to depart.

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Entertainment

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