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Let’s be honest, that pre-wedding daze is currently just about all-consuming and, for the time being, you’re still tempted to frown whenever anyone dares talk about anything that’s going to take place after the wedding. That is, unless it’s the honeymoon. It’s normal not to want to think about a time when you’ll no longer be mood-boarding flower arrangements or sampling Michelin Star mains,

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How to choose your dream wedding photographer or videographer

Step 1

Check They’re Willing to Stay Up Late

We’re not saying that your photographers are going to turn into pumpkins as the clock begins to chime, but you’ll definitely want to check to make sure that they’re willing to stay late and get as much of the night as possible captured on film. Some of the best, frame-worthy photos are taken after dark, and it certainly pays to have a team willing to see them in alongside you.

Step 2

Pinpoint any Particular Shots You want

Saw a video compilation of grooms’ first reactions to their brides? Or maybe you have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to ‘Under the Veil’ shots. Perhaps you’re desperate to recreate a particular shot from your parents’ wedding. Whatever it is, you need to work it out with your photographer and videographer beforehand. Remembering you want it, and working out how to describe it in the moment, is not going to be easy. It’s much better to make a list, and talk it through with your team. Even if that list is just twenty different stylised shots of the bride, run with it. It’s not called ‘vanity’, it’s called ‘being the bride’.

Step 3

Prepare with Engagement Photos

We probably don’t need to list off every reason why an engagement shoot is such a good idea, so we’ll cut to the chase and say that arguably the biggest benefit is your ability to get to know the photographer first. Yes, you’ll have pages and pages of portfolios to review – and your face-to-face meeting to build that rapport – but there is no better way to prepare for the main event than by essentially ‘practicing’ beforehand. The stakes will be lower, but the reward (a beautiful set of pre-wedding shots) is so worthwhile.

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