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If you’ve never frolicked your way to a letterbox before, then the chances are that your time is coming. Sending off your save the dates and wedding invitations is one of the first concrete moments in wedding planning – the moment when all those plans begin to move forward, and there seems to be limited time between now and then. For that reason alone, finding the perfect wedding stationery is a big task.

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How to choose your dream wedding stationery

Step 1

There is No ‘Right’ Way of Doing it

Perhaps there’s a little voice in the back of your head, insisting on calligraphy when you feel your style and theme lean more toward a simpler typography. Perhaps that voice actually belongs to an older relative, insisting that the invitations should be ‘issued’ by the bride’s parents. Whatever you’re getting anxious about, remember that modern brides and grooms are all about making things personal, and cherry picking the traditions they want from the traditions they’d rather leave to history. You can’t make personalised wedding invitations if you’re trying to appease convention.

Step 2

Budget for the Stamps

This may seem like the most obvious statement on the planet, but you’d be surprised. When you’re wrapped up in the mania of wedding planning, it’s so easy to focus on the price given to you by your stationer that you forget there are any other costs involved. The cost of stamps will add up, and you’ll need to factor in three different rounds at the post box: one for the Save the Dates, one for the Invites, and one for the wedding Thank You notes.

Step 3

Or, Alternatively, Consider E-Invites

This is one of those divisive topics that will either appeal instantly, or not at all. But, as mentioned above, there is absolutely no right or wrong way of doing things, and tradition is no longer seen as a superior option to putting a contemporary twist on things. Some stationers can create magic out of any medium, and that includes pixels. Modern brides and grooms can avail themselves of the convenience of going digital – namely, doing away with snail mail and keeping everything organised in an electronic document.

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Stationery

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