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About the company

My name is Hannah and I run a company called ChicP, which makes a variety of hummus from surplus vegetables, as well as providing catering for private clients and events.

For events, we provide a very simple yet effective set up where our offering consists of beautiful coloured veggie hummus wraps or just a variety of hummus with crudités. We are a minimal wastage company where none of our wraps require cutlery or crockery. We like to pride our ethos of being sustainable, easy and colourful.

For private catering, I chef for holiday's, small parties and dinner parties. Please get in touch if you have any other requests.

Useful information

What do prices start from?

Chef per day (indication): £250-350. For pop up/ChicP hummus wraps: £5.50 per person

What is your day rate?

£250-350 for Chefing depending on what is required

Works Abroad

We have experience doing events outside the UK.



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tickPop Up
tickFood Truck

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Can you provide a wedding cake?tick
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For our hummus - we use surplus vegetables, trying to help British farmers and reduce waste. For our catering, we try and source locally and do not waste any food! We will always make sure we give the food to the client after an event or take it back and reuse. All our packaging for the hummus is 100% recyclable and reusable. For everything else, we try and use as little packaging as possible. We also make sure that recycling is always possible and if not, we will take what needs to be recycled home with us. Food waste and sustainability is the core ethos of our brand. We also try to travel as sustainably as possible and for staff to travel together to reduce carbon footprint.


Absolutely loved working for a wedding party in Majorca. I was hired as the private chef before and after the wedding and helped with the main catering on the wedding day. It was great to cook with the local ingredients and in a beautiful villa - breakfast, lunch and dinner was served each day in buffet style on the terrace for people to help themselves to. All leftover dishes were turned into new dishes the next day :)

Healthy, natural, colourful, fulfilling, beautiful, Ottolenghi, hummus.. lots of it.

Sustainability - local, colourful and sustainable food. Hummus and dips are what we do best - for the pop up - ChicP hummus is the main theme and all dishes revolve around the hummus. This appeals to a lot of people and can be served at any sort of event.


"On ChicP hummus: “Went down a treat! Only one they didn’t like was herb. YUM!!!!!” “Just polished off the choc!” Leo Bamford (AliBaba) "

Leo Bamford

"On ChicP hummus: Everyone went Nuts!! They’re absolutely delicious. They all went in one lunch. All of it! "

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