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Mostly £50k - £150k but depends on scale of event / we have organised an intimate dinner for £15k and wedding for £2m


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About the company

Unforgettable WOW and impeccable delivery are pre-requisites of the job and why we love it. Our "extra" is interpreting your wonder. It is so personal. To some it may be elegant discretion, to others a gargantuan party of crazy bedazzlement, or perhaps a singsong with a well known musician in an old-fashioned working-man’s club. All high-end luxury with no compromise on quality, but most importantly a reflection of YOUR warmth, taste, and personality.

Intro: We learn about you, your wishes, and your budget ahead of submitting a detailed proposal with initial ideas. All before any commitment or payment.

Plan: Expect moodboards, tastings & design samples. The fun stuff. Then leave it to us to take care of all the rest.

Event: We will be on-site from set-up to finish to quietly oversee all logistics. Generator making funny noises? Puh! Not your worry. You are free to party.



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We recognise the good times we have today, impact on the aftermath of tomorrow. So as purveyors of good times, for every event we organise, we donate 2% of our fee to the Woodland Trust. This means, together with our clients, we are supporting a charity that plants, and protects one of nature’s biggest weapons in the fight against climate change. With ongoing positive everyday changes and ideas, we will continue to do better to reduce, recycle, and re-purpose waste, to create more sustainable events.


Worry not, you are the life and soul of your own party from initial contact to end of play. We may run away with the imagination, but never your event. Communication is key and we recognise we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Trust is everything. As such, we develop lasting relationships with our clients, many of whom are repeat, have crossed over from family parties into organising their work events/vice versa, and have also become friends. Intimidating we are not.

As much or as little as you like. It is completely up to you. We recommend three meetings in person, not just because it’s fun, but so you feel in control. And a final pre-event meeting running through everything for absolute confidence and excitement. We email updated budget trackers and moodboards throughout, so even those who prefer to have minimal involvement can dip into plans whenever they wish.

Everything you may want help with, from stationery & event design, sound & lighting, food & drink, entertainment & film, and all the things in between to include the less sexy logistics you’re probably not interested in. We are here to advise you on the traditional rules it is good to adhere to, or ok to break. On hand for emotional support to appease those last-minute panics you worry you may have, (but actually haven’t) forgotten, and then ever present throughout your actual event.

We understand there is no way for you to know the price of things and their variables when setting your budget. The majority of our events fall between £50k - £150k but we have organised an intimate dinner for £15k, and a dreamy wedding for £2m. As all events are planned around our clients, we do not have a fixed price list but always advise on a realistic estimated budget before any commitment is required, and work to this once agreed.

No such thing. But on the whole, 80% of our events are private individuals (significant birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family do’s) and 20% corporates. Our values are based around “warmth, taste, personality, creative, quality” so providing those tick your boxes, it’s a typical Liz&Zie event.

Elizabeth Santos, the company founder is personally involved in every event. So don’t expect to be passed from junior pillar to post. She started Liz&Zie over 10 years ago, after an ex-boss asked if she knew someone who could organise her event – second client was for a high-profile wedding with 550 guests. It helped she had come from a background with a similar skillset producing shoots for women’s glossy magazines.

One of those record-breaking sweltering summer’s days, comes to mind. We had 200 guests arriving for a fabulous cocktail party, where we built a bespoke statement bar, on a first-floor venue looking directly over the river Thames. Two hours ahead of guests’ arrival, London’s leading ice supplier notified us their ice machines had broken. Our venue had no fridges, London had run out of ice and we had less than an hour to find half-a-tonne of it. (FYI, we got it from Guildford, and no one knew a thing). Contingency plans for everything, thinking on our feet and amazing relationships with wonderful suppliers who can and have stepped-in at a moment’s notice, are key to mitigating such unpredictable dramas.

1. Embrace the location - work with the history, a colour or a detail so it really becomes part of your event, and your venue feels deliberate.. 2. Hire a professional photographer. Your friends/family will never get all the shots you want. 3. Sometimes it's tempting to let design prioritise over logistics. Don't. Put the flow of your event first and design around that. eg. Never put the bar in a separate room to the band. 4. Large spaces can be magnificent for grand dinners, but keep it cosy for dancing. 5. Keep surprising guests throughout the event, and leave them wanting more. End on a high.


"It was really important to me that everything looked completely unique. I was obsessed with my table-setting and flowers. She took on board my ideas but executed them so much better than I could ever have imagined. Her eye for detail, and creative ideas that she executes so naturally are a talent, and huge part of what made our wedding so unique. "

Kirsty & Dan | Private client

"There are many event planners who can produce extravagant parties using the best suppliers, but in my experience, Liz's unique capabilities lie in embracing our personal resources and ideas to make any event not only spectacular, but one that contains a distinctive personal touch too."

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd | Private client

"It is difficult to do justice to just how good you are, let alone what a pleasure it is to work with you. Resourceful, intuitive, and crucially, impeccable taste. You listen to what we want, never trying to “take over”, other than when you remember everything we have forgotten. I was given endless credit for creating what was described as the perfect wedding; the truth is, all I had was an idea. "

Jamie Jago, Head of PR & Director, Savills

"We flew in for the weekend from New York to celebrate my fiftieth with many of our friends. Elizabeth & Jayne literally organised everything. We turned up at our own party in the English countryside and were so blown away by the brilliance of it all, we are flying them back to New York to organise our daughter’s party there. There is no one better."

Robert Silverman | Private client

"Your events are something else. I see a lot, delivering cakes to high-end parties across London and around the country, but none, including the big named organisers, hold a candle (pardon the pun) to yours. The thought, design and the atmosphere that awaits your guests is enviable. "

Lisa Martini, cake-maker | Supplier

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