Activity Sheets & Bespoke Scavenger Hunts for Kids

By Stephanie Wallis, Safe & Sound Events

Since 2006 we, at Safe & Sound Events, have sprinkled event childcare with fun and laughter creating some magical moments and memories for the little ones (and the big ones!) But come April that all ground to a halt, these exceptional times we find ourselves in have changed our lives, certainly for the foreseeable future. Weddings and celebrations have been cancelled or postponed and any plans put on hold for now. 

We have missed all our lovely children that we were so looking forward to meeting and it’s not just us; our bears George and Jennifer and bunnies Hattie and Harry are missing them too. They have been creating their own memories during ‘Lockdown’ with ‘at home’ adventures and activities, you can follow them on our Instagram page to see what they have been up to and even do the activities at home.  

We are creating some fun Activity Sheets with our little friends that you can download so far they include Making Music, perfect for the weekly NHS clap, sorting socks, a fun activity for the little ones, they have also been busy in the garden planting their hanging baskets! More Activity Ideas are being planned to include older children, there is no stopping them! 

Our bespoke Scavenger Hunt is fabulous fun or how about a Time Capsule like no other!  We create some wonderful Scavenger Hunts, tailor-made for each wedding or party. As we are unable to do this at the moment, we are busy creating some for you to play inside your home or outdoors in the garden, keep your eyes peeled on our website as they arrive! There will be Adventures for all ages. Why not organise our Zoom Scavenger Hunt with some friends and family… 

George and Jennifer, Hattie and Harry are having such a great time they thought that they would like to share this with their little human friends.

Photo Credit: David Michael Photography

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Stephanie Wallis, Safe & Sound Events
Since 2006 we have sprinkled event childcare with fun and laughter, with a fabulous team whose extensive knowledge and expertise make the day and play magical. Our professional team ensures each child is part of your day or evening and our exceptional standards are the reason parents entrust their children to us. They do so with confidence, knowing that they are in the safest of hands.