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Nina Zenovya

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Nina Zenovya is a private chef and event designer who creates beautiful food and celebrations worldwide. No two menus or events are ever the same.

Her passion for creating extraordinary parties has taken her around the world; she can help you plan your next party in the Caribbean, christening in Chelsea or wedding in Rome.

As a private chef, Nina cooks for families day to day and for upto 30 guests on special occasions, she travels with clients on request. Everything is made by her, from scratch using only the best ingredients. Often using spices to add depth of flavour, dishes are perfectly presented and leave you feeling light as a feather.

She loves what she does and delivers sparkle and joy wherever she goes!



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"It was just a delicious and lovely vibe to have you here - so easy, thank you. A pleasure"

Camilla, The Cotswolds

"Thank you SO much, it was so wonderful to have you and thank you for being so helpful on all fronts!xoxo"

Hikari, London

"Looking forward to seeing you again before too long. Thank you again for everything. It was just perfect"

Sabrina, The Cotswolds

"Mereki said it was one of the most magical moments of her life"

Claire, Friar Park

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