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Spook are a dynamic company that partners with the UKs top brands and event planners to produce unforgettable events.

We bring a modern, simple and unique offering to the events industry through food, drink and service that rivals that of the restaurant, bar and hotel industry.

We use only seasonal, quality ingredients that are grown or supplied from people who care for the environment and support small, local and artisanal suppliers.

Our team are highly engaged and motivated to ensure the highest level of service.



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We at Spook recognise that businesses can have a negative impact on the environment. We are committed to finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of what we do both in the office, kitchen and at our events.

To combat our impact on the planet we promote the following policies and procedures:

~ Food Waste Distribution ~ We partner with multiple local organisations to redistribute unused food from our events to those in need of it in our local area. We are also participants of the #feastfairly campaign where we have a dish on our menu that uses ingredients that can’t be sold on and donates £1 to the campaign.

~ Reducing Food Waste Internally ~ To reduce our food waste that cannot be provided to our charity partner we repurpose “leftovers” as lunch for our hard working staff.

To reduce waste in our kitchen we have developed a ‘ no waste snack’ concept where we design canapés or amuse bouché that can be an addition to an event.

With any ingredients that might go to waste we try and use them in our own made preservatives, pickles, cordials, jams and ice creams.

~ Menu Design ~ Our menus are designed to use seasonal ingredients to not only ensure that our produce is at its best but also to reduce our carbon footprint.

Spook are also experimenting with new vegan concepts to offer more meat-free options and encourage our clients to reduce their impact on the planet.

~ Buying Local ~ Where possible we try and source as much of our produce from the UK but also try and support our local community by sourcing in London and in Bermondsey in particular (where we are based) to reduce our carbon footprint. The majority of our suppliers are based in Bermondsey and they share the same values.

~ Recycling ~ We have a strict recycling policy at Spook, carefully sorting waste into food waste, paper, glass and plastic which is collected each day. We try to reduce our use of plastic by having a ‘no single use plastic policy’ in the office and as much as is possible switching our single use plastic to reusable containers in the kitchen and at events.

Our policy is to repurpose, recycle and reuse everything and anything we can - ink cartridges, wooden pallets and even the nespresso capsules from our communal coffee habit.

~ Events ~ We encourage clients to be environmentally conscious by working with them to design seasonal and sustainable menus.

Our hired items for events are provided by local, environmentally conscious suppliers and our single use items are all made from recycled materials.

We try to reduce our impact on the environment by organising group travel for staff to events using car pooling, mini buses and public transport when possible.

~ Transport ~ At Spook we encourage our staff to make use of low impact transport for their journeys to and from work and when they are out and about. To promote this further we offer employees the opportunity to be part of the cycle to work scheme.

~ Paper and Printing ~ Our aim is to have a paperless office. We have developed systems to reduce our need for paper files and all essential printing is double-sided and when the document is no longer needed, the paper is recycled.

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