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ARC Events Launches IGTV Asking Important Questions With Industry Experts

By Anna Wills

I realised all my clients were asking me the same questions; how are your suppliers and venues coping with the current situation? Are they going to survive this? What are they currently doing to help them see out this difficult period of time? Will they be able to accommodate my rescheduled event date at no extra cost?

Communication at a time like this is everything; I catch up with my venues and suppliers on a daily basis, so I decided to film my conversations with them and post the video on Instagram TV to hopefully inform and assure clients and industry bods alike. 

Whereas communication is everything, so is positivity and laughter. To inject a little creativity and fun to the videos, we (the venue/supplier and I) drew a portrait of each other whilst not looking down at the paper - resulting in a humorous and eccentric reveal at the end! 

I studied Fine Art for my degree and was therefore confident that with my artistic skills this task would play to my strengths. Without looking at what I was drawing however and with copious amounts of cheating from the interviewees, the results were not favourable for me!

The interview above is with George Foden from Wise Productions and watch until the end to view more videos... or check out her IGTV CLICK HERE including a great one with Liv's Letters!

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Anna Wills
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