What is 'Foam-Free' Sustainable Floristy?

By HOPP Team

Cover Image: Tattie Rose Flowers

At House of Party Planning, we are hugely concerned by the fragility of our planet and recognise the enormous space within the events industry to improve on sustainability. Our aim is to promote the best florists in the business on our party platform that share the same values of being environmentally conscious, bringing increasing awareness to foam-free sustainable floral designs.

Floral foam is currently widely used in the floristry industry as a foundation to floral arrangements, however as we know ethical floristry is very much a hot and important topic of conversation at present.

So, what is floral foam? In case you don’t already know, floral foam, more commonly known as oasis in the events industry, is a single-use plastic, packed full of carcinogenic substances, which are highly toxic and dangerous. It is non-biodegradable and disintegrates very easily into microplastic. If floral foam is not properly disposed of, the microplastic then ends up in our oceans and causes devastation to our eco-systems.

Image above: Pollen Nation

When floral foam disintegrates into a landfill, carcinogens end up in the surrounding soil, which is alarmingly bad for the environment and is one of the largest contributors to plastic waste.

Being mindful of the environmental impact of floral foam is an effort that requires the support of both clients and designers alike and it is extremely important.

Image above: Lucy Vail Floristry

Superstar florist Tattie Rose hopes people will consider foam-free floral arrangements when planning their wedding or event decorations. Removing floral foam from any equation is a must and will make flowers “twice as lovely”. It also pushes florists to use their skills and imagination when creating larger floral installations. Using seasonal, British flowers is brilliant both aesthetically and in the name of sustainability.

From weddings to parties to intimate dinners, don’t settle for less when you can have a responsible luxury florist to help deliver honest sustainable events. Check out our ultimate guide to planning a party for all the top tips as well as our wide range of exceptional party venues, to start your party journey today. One of our leading favourites is the working farm estate Micklefield Hall, which strives to having the smallest impact on the plant as possible. Your venue choice is one of the biggest factors in having an overall eco-friendly party, so choose wisely here as it doesn’t require much effort but will be rewarding to not only you – but the planet!

Image above: Tattie Rose Flowers

Wedding florist, Studio Sorores, use their own signature water mechanics in their floral installations, meaning no floral foam is ever used, without compromising on quality, style, or design. The team at Studio Sorores continue to push the boundaries within the floral events industry by creating new, bespoke, and luxurious designs of wedding centrepieces and floral arrangements striving to remain “impactful, beautiful, and eco-friendly.” Their floristry studio is based in the private estate of Miserden in the wonderful Cotswolds, who are the largest privately funded, retrofit biomass plant in the country and are completely committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Find out more about our premium wedding suppliers’ commitment to sustainability on the House of Party Planning platform to help you throw an epic eco-wedding, which won’t leave you feeling totally guilty about the environment!

Image above: Studio Sorores

At Lavender Green Flowers, one of London’s finest wedding and party florists, they work tirelessly to find solutions and initiatives to help stay away from using floral foam in their designs. In recent years, they have started incorporating Fairtrade flowers into their floral designs as well as recycling ‘pre-loved’ flowers and foliage from weddings and events, restyling them into beautiful bouquets and arrangements which are delivered to those in need in local communities.

Image above: Lavender Green Flowers

Check out Tattie Rose Flowers, Studio Sorores and the following event florists who use 'foam-free' floral arrangements in an increasing effort to make events more sustainable and eco-friendly: Lucy Vail Floristry, Pollen Nation, and Lavender Green Flowers.

At the House of Party Planning, we want the wonderful floral industry to cause no lasting damage. We want florists to feel good about the work they have produced and proud of the fact that it has been sustainably created. We want to push our suppliers to try their best and by working this way, foam-free floristry will eventually become the norm.

Repeat after us… No. More. Floral. Foam!

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Written by our Team of HOPP Experts.